About Us

Hanoja is a Bumiputra company established in 1983,  that specializes in technical seals for every application and is renowned for keeping stocks of every kind of standard design, material and size. A highly developed sales organization guarantees the fastest deliveries, anywhere in Malaysia.

Their collective experience together with Hanoja’s capabilities ensures that customers have the best possible technical support.

As a leading customer of its suppliers, our requirement’s for a fully functioning quality assurance system, materials and product design set the standard.

The product specification is the basis of every order for Hanoja’s seals. It contains the main quality features, the relevant standards, and any specific product requirements.
For safety reasons, Hanoja carries out random in-house checks on all received goods, the frequency and depth of which is determined by the classification of the relevant supplier. This ensures that every Hanoja’s product is of the same unchanging reliability.

The company imports all its products from European countries, which have world class manufacturing facilities, which assure uncompromising quality when it comes to sealing products.

Hanoja - Trusted Quality